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Ewa i Walla apparel at The Walnut Tree Shop

A Swedish designer of women’s clothing, Ewa i Walla uses natural fabrics of cotton, linen, silk, wool and organdy. Ewa’s designs combine the past, present, and future mixed with traditional Swedish farm culture and a bit of romance.

Experience what is possible when the past, present, and future are mixed together in a fairytale cocktail, when the traditional life of old Swedish farm culture, Haute couture and romance are intertwined.

Ewa’s brand of women’s clothing is met with innovative details, quality materials and creative design in unique combinations creating something special – an Ewa i Walla garment filled with passion, personality, beauty and attitude. The clothes capture the essence of the wearer’s form and are timeless, regardless of the latest trends.

The Creative designs often with several layers of exclusive materials, unexpected combinations, original print and carefully chosen details create the allure of timelessness and mystery.  The exclusivity lies in the blending of the elements thus creating a strong, rich, and fluid dynamic, enhancing your own personal style.

Naturally sourced materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and organdy with the signature crushed look, are among the materials to be found in an Ewa i Walla collection. The garments are carefully detailed to enhance the design and lending it the right Ewa i Walla character.

You will find details such as laces, flounces, monogram and embroidery, ribbons, buttons, patches, raw edges and mix of materials making the garment a work of art.

The possibilities to combine the garments are many, over materials and over seasons. There are no limits to what can be achieved, only opportunities. The style and silhouette of Ewa i Walla are many depending on your own personal style, but the layered look is characteristic for the brand. These styles are to be worn for stay at home days, for relaxed outings, formal events, and even in the office and work settings. What better a way to cheer a gloomy Monday morning!

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