Robin Kaplan:

Robin Kaplan lives in a small hill town in Umbria. She has been designing distinctive women’s fashions for over 15 years. Inspired by the serene harmony of nature, her clothes invoke a vivacious romance with a whisper of whimsy.

She has a fluid, organic style inspired by the many European wools, linens, silks and cottons, along with a collection of vintage elements. Fabrics are selected for their tactile textures. Linen, silk, or cotton are crafted to invoke a feeling, a passion whether it be the thrill of tranquility, a fiery dignity or a modest affection.

All of Robin’s collections are hand dyed using a technique that she has created having one or more colors bleeding into each other to give each garment in her collection a unique personality. The color schemes are synchronous in nature, but rich and captivating in their movement and reflections.

Les Ours:

Les Ours is a brand full of sweetness and style that wants to be far from the world. The collections are an exquisite blend of romance and authenticity for very soft and feminine silhouettes, easy to wear.  A brand dedicated to women who have kept in a small corner of their hearts the essence of great feminine values:

Romantic, authentic, unique and inspirational styles that echo of a time gone by. Elements of Boheme, fluidity, grace and whimsical.

The brand ‘Les Ours’ originated in the city of Uzes in the South of France. The timeless spirit of this brand and its poetic nature flows with the bohemian and victorian chic flavor we see today.

The fabrics are soft and feel good against the skin, and are of a quality that enhances the experience of the day. Simple, sophisticated and gorgeous. Most of the shades are reflective of the beauty of what is found in nature. They all work together, and with many other staple pieces held by everyone such as jeans, boots, t-shirts, etc. The colors soft and found in nature, and the raw fabrics such as linens, cottons, wools, velvets, organdy and cashmere add a touch of decadence.

andrine who created “Les Ours” several years ago because, keen on decoration, atmosphere, flea market, fabrics, …

she decided to use all her beautiful ideas.

Les Ours is The desire to evoke a mixture of carefree and well-being.

Between romanticism and realism, a style drawn from the influences

of yesteryear. Tirelessly attached to the bohemian chic side. Choices of soft and natural materials.

Powdery colors, printed small checks and small Liberty flowers, plain or large scratched and warm checks.

Everyone experiences bohemianism according to their ideal!

Ewa i Walla:

Ewa i Walla is a Swedish designer of women’s clothing using natural fabrics of cotton, linen, silk, wool and organdy. … Ewa’s designs combine the past, present, and future mixed with traditional Swedish farm culture and a bit of romance!

Experience what is possible when the past, presence and future are mixed together in a fairytale cocktail, when the traditional life of old Swedish farm culture, Haute couture and romance are intertwined.

Ewa’s brand of women’s clothing is met with innovative details, quality materials and creative design in unique combinations creating something special – an Ewa i Walla garment filled with passion, personality, beauty and attitude. The clothes capture the essence of the wearer’s form and are timeless, regardless of the latest trends.

The Creative designs often with several layers of exclusive materials, unexpected combinations, original print and carefully chosen details create the allure of timelessness and mystery.  The exclusivity lies in the blending of the elements thus creating a strong, rich, and fluid dynamic, enhancing your own personal style.

Naturally sourced materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and organdy with the signature crushed look, are among the materials to be found in an Ewa i Walla collection. The garments are carefully detailed to enhance the design and lending it the right Ewa i Walla character.

You will find details such as laces, flounces, monogram and embroidery, ribbons, buttons, patches, raw edges and mix of materials making the garment a work of art.

The possibilities to combine the garments are many, over materials and over season. There are no limits to what can be achieved, only opportunities. The style and silhouette of Ewa i Walla are many depending on your own personal style, but the layered look is characteristic for the brand. These styles are to be worn for stay at home and day to days, for relaxed outings, formal events and even in the office and work settings. What better a way to cheer a gloomy Monday morning!

Magnolia Pearl:

The designer Ewa Iwalla loves to create the unexpected. She is a natural creator and her passion for creation and design is also expressed in jewelry design, pottery and painting. Ewa has always followed her own path with the philosophy that anything is possible.
This is expressed clearly in her design and way of evolving her vision.

The company, Ewa i Walla art design AB

In 2002 Ewa i Walla art desgn AB was founded by the designer, Ewa Iwalla. The journey has been amazing as the company has grown rapidly and created curiosity and interest around and outside of Europe. Today Ewa i Walla is sold by retailers in around 18 countries and the company is always seeking new grounds to inspire and be inspired by.

There are two collections per year, one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter.
Each collection is shown through agents, at fairs and in a showroom in Stockholm.

Krista Larson:

Krista Larson Designs was established in 1994 by Krista Larson. A native of Southern California, she now resides, works and manufactures in Southern New Hampshire. From an early age, Krista was attracted to a more unique and individualized way of dressing. After a year of studying business at the University of Hawaii, Krista studied abroad in London and graduated from the University of Rhode Island. During her final year of college, Krista began selling hats on consignment at local boutiques in Boston and Providence. After college, Krista entered the workforce at a local men’s manufacturing facility for about a year before venturing out on her own. What once was only hats, had then progressed into an array of women’s clothing. From vests to dresses, jackets and more….. her line was now a reality.

Krista Larson Designs Inc. is located in rural Southern NH along the Exeter River. With the river, trees and wildlife outside her window, she is inspired daily by nature and her surroundings. Birds, plants, leaves, and animals all play a part in Krista’s prints, names, patterns and colors.

All of Krista’s clothes are touched by hands. Trims are unique and ever changing for each collection, and custom prints and jacquards are a brilliant addition to every season. Krista offers up to fifty different fabrics and in up to thirteen colors in almost every style. This makes her pieces almost one-of-a-kind because of the immense selection. Krista’s garments are made in New England with select pieces being made by a small group of artisans in India.

Krista’s clothing combines the past with the present by using vintage details, buttons, ribbons and lace. Characterized by marks of time, discolorations and tarnish gives the pieces a “vintage” and intended worn look. Modern fabrics are custom loomed and printed especially for Krista