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Les Ours apparel at The Walnut Tree Shop

Les Ours is a Company based in France that is known for its blend of romantic, feminine and sophisticated designs. The lines are enhancing to the female form with flirtatious and fun detailing. One feels a connection to a long ago time, yet completely modern. The colors and textures are sympathetic with nature and enhance any complexion. The quality of each piece will never disappoint, nor will the feeling of it against the skin. Les Ours is carried by very few boutiques in the US, and The Walnut Tree Shop is one of them.

Les Ours is a brand full of sweetness and style that wants to be far from the world. The collections are an exquisite blend of romance and authenticity for very soft and feminine silhouettes, easy to wear.  A brand dedicated to women who have kept in a small corner of their hearts the essence of great feminine values:

Romantic, authentic, unique and inspirational styles that echo of a time gone by. Elements of Boheme, fluidity, grace and whimsical.

The brand ‘Les Ours’ originated in the city of Uzes in the South of France. The timeless spirit of this brand and its poetic nature flows with the bohemian and victorian chic flavor we see today.

The fabrics are soft and feel good against the skin, and are of a quality that enhances the experience of the day. Simple, sophisticated and gorgeous. Most of the shades are reflective of the beauty of what is found in nature. They all work together, and with many other staple pieces held by everyone such as jeans, boots, t-shirts, etc. The colors soft and found in nature, and the raw fabrics such as linens, cottons, wools, velvets, organdy and cashmere add a touch of decadence.

Andrine, who created “Les Ours” several years ago because, keen on decoration, atmosphere, flea market, fabrics, … she decided to use all her beautiful ideas.

Les Ours is the desire to evoke a mixture of carefree and well-being. Between romanticism and realism, a style drawn from the influences of yesteryear. Tirelessly attached to the bohemian chic side. Choices of soft and natural materials. Powdery colors, printed small checks and small Liberty flowers, plain or large scratched and warm checks. Everyone experiences bohemianism according to their ideal!

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