color: Sauge

Letol Flavie in Sauge


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Out of stock

These luscious organic cotton french scarves feel as beautiful as they look. So soft, they even smell wonderful. The incredible designs, colors and fibers are exquisite. A must have, and perfect gift. This one blends macha, sage, latte, chalk, brown and curacao.


Cool wash, gentle cycle




96% Organic Cotton 4% Other Fibers


18" by 80"

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Létol’s patterns, textures and color nuances come from 2200 cotton threads meticulously interlaced in each scarf. Designed by Sophie Badot, Létol collection is manufactured and hand finished in her own ateliers (Les Tissages de Charlieu), recreated during the 60’s and nested in the heart of France, powered today by Green energy! Létol obtained an ‘A’ certification for its low environmental impact and eco-responsible business model. Létol is 100% made in France and certified OFG.

color: Sauge

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