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Rundholz Tulip Hem Dress in Ink Style # 3190911


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Rundholz Tulip Hem Dress in Ink Style # 3190911


Wash at or below 30C: do not bleach: do not tumble dry




78% Cotton 16% Polyamide 6% Elastane

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Large: Bust-96cm/Length 116cm, Medium: Bust-90cm/Length-115cm, Small

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The Rundholz Story
Designed concept and brand continues thoughtful growth.

Studio Rundholz has established radical modern shapes, has the courage to lead, differentiate while being individual.

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz are calm yet thoughtful designers. While other couples in cafes were mingling in cafes, they were already planning their first collection. Not only did they want to wear distinctive fashion, they also wanted to share their creative ideas with others, building a lifestyle brand. Lenka Rundholz started in the industry as a display and visual presentation artist, she always wanted to be dressed beautifully. It was a challenge for Carsten, as a former graphic designer he was trained in the art of fashion through its design and wanted to create a look his wife would love to wear.

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